Sensor Technology

Sensors for Autonomous and Cooperative Driving

As sensors have inherent uncertainties while tracking objects, it would be wiser to fuse information of the detected objects obtained from multiple sensors. This process of combining measurements from multiple sensors to track an object is called sensor fusion. Using track-to-track sensor fusion techniques, we can extend the capabilities of the perception layer by fusing the information of the objects detected by the camera, RADAR and DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication).
In the next phase, we aim to improve the perception layer adding more sensors and incorporating advanced sensor fusion and tracking techniques. 


Cameras provide images of the environment around the car. From these images, information can be extracted using various image processing algorithms – information such as distances to other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, distances to lane markings, traffic lights and traffic signs. These parameters give the car more information about the environment. 


​Radar modules use radio waves to detect obstacles within a field of view. From this, a relative position of the obstacle can be determined. The ATeam Prius radar can detect up to eight obstacles in front of the car. 


Wireless communication enables the host vehicle to communicate with other vehicles and also with infrastructure. The benefit of using wireless communication is that the vehicle acts as a beacon and instantly communicates the necessary information when it is in range of other communication devices. This helps the vehicle exchange information with other road participants that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to share, for example GPS coordinates. In addition, the vehicle can also receive alerts from Road Side Units (RSUs) about the condition of the road ahead. This equips the vehicle with information well beforehand and the vehicle can decide to perform the necessary actions. For example, if an RSU warns about a lane closure due to roadworks, then the vehicle can prepare to do a lane change manoeuvre. 


Leddars are Vehicle sensors That measure distance based on LED lights.This enables the car to have a redundant sensor to Gain more information about it surroundings.