What we do

Our Project

We are a collaborative effort by Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences to research, develop, and demonstrate cooperative and autonomous driving technologies. Our students range from Bachelor’s to Master’s to Ph.D.’s, and do work on all aspects of autonomous and cooperative driving.

The initial work begins with processing information from sensors mounted on the vehicle. These sensors help the vehicle perceive it’s surrounding. Our students study the sensors and what kind of information can be extracted from it. One of the additional sensors that our project uses is a wireless communication module. This helps our vehicle connect with other vehicles and with infrastructure to assist autonomous driving. From there, algorithms are written to utilize the essential signals, fuse data between multiple sensors to help the car understand it’s surrounding.

Based on this information, algorithms in the decision-making layer decide what the car needs to do. Here, a path planning algorithm provides a route for the vehicle to follow. Then, the controllers take action and determine how much the car should accelerate or brake and steer in order to accurately follow the determined path.

With all this additional information within the vehicle’s processor, it is necessary to study what kind of information needs to be displayed to the driver and passengers. One of our departments performs such research and has developed an award-winning system that displays the necessary information to the human beings in the vehicle.