At the heart of successful acceptance of autonomous driving technology lies human trust and confidence in the car’s abilities. In the early stages of autonomous driving, it is important the human “drivers” are kept aware of the car’s perception of its environment, and its actions. We do this with the use of our effective Human-Machine Interface. When the car is driving autonomously, the human occupant is kept informed of lane markings, other cars, and obstacles that the car’s sensors have picked up to aid situational awareness, and also stimulate takeover when faced with unpredictable circumstances.
Furthermore, we are developing a system that allows the car to communicate with pedestrians and cyclists in busy, urban environments. The goal is for the car to unambiguously and efficiently communicate its intentions in traffic so that sharing the road with it becomes easier for other road users.

HMI: The ATeam screen installed in the car, showing relevant information to the driver and passengers.