About our team

Our team is a collective of amazing people striving to develop innovative technologies

The Automotive Technology team (ATeam), is a multidisciplinary and international student team consisting of students and employees of Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Technical University Eindhoven. The team was the result of a collaboration between the two universities for the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge which was held in 2016. For this, the team was set up to participate in the challenge and develop the required technologies for their Toyota Prius. Right now, the team is advancing the technology implemented in the vehicle to make the self-driving car even smarter.

At ATeam, we believe that an autonomous and cooperative vehicle provides the solution to help achieve smarter and safer mobility. Smarter vehicles have the potential improve safety by removing the ‘human’ error of driving and improve the traffic flow on the road by communication with other cars and smart infrastructure. As well the driving experience for the driver is enhanced by Human-Machine Interface (HMI). All the potentials come together in the car we, as the team, are currently developing by working of different parts of the car, such as sensors, software, control, and HMI. The various fields are together developing the car with the technology of the future.

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