We are developing safer and more efficient mobility for everyone.

Our goal is to demonstrate that an autonomous
and cooperative vehicle provides the solution for
a smarter and safer mobility.

Interested in contributing to a smarter future?

What we do

Our members contribute to three areas in the team. One focuses on making the technology of self-driving and communicating cars a reality, another focuses on the communication between the car, the driver and the surroundings, 
and the last one makes everything possible through management.

Vehicle Technology

Technology makes self-driving vehicles a reality. The ATeam autonomous vehicle uses various sensors to perceive its surroundings and autonomously control the vehicle on the road.


In the early stages of autonomous driving, it is important that the human ‘drivers’ are kept aware of the car and its surroundings.  ATeam does this with the use of Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

Team Management

The management of the team consists of team management, project management, PR and Communication, Financials and management for the technical team. 

Our car

Autonomous cars have the capability to get from A to B on its own while the driver can shift their focus to other productive or relaxing tasks. By making the car also connected, it can communiacte with other cars and smart infrastructure, improving traffic flow on the road. 

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